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What We Offer

Rice, Botanical Herbs, Kitchen Spices, Himalayan Pink Salts, Souce.


Zafran Food Industries offers best quality and precision level right up to the mark which is beneficial for our customers and creating betterment in the society

Un-compromised Quality

At Zafran Food Industries, we never compromise on Quality, all products that Zafran Food Industries exporting are of Premium Quality.

High Quality Checks in QC

Our Quality Control Department checks all products before shipment to ensure no flaw in products we are delivering to our valued customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is our main priority no matter how tough the situation we ensure quality product is delivered to customer. We chose customer satisfaction as our main goal

Our Vision & Values

At Zafran Food Industries, we believe that success comes to those who are passionate. Having strong beliefs that yes it will happen and yes we can flourish together.

Timely Shipments

At Zafran Food Industries, we ensure timely shipment of products, we know the importance of time and punctuality in business of Import & Export.

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