Zafran Food Industries

Founded in 2016 in the city of lights ‘Karachi, Pakistan’, Zafran Food Industries has experience in the specialty foods and botanicals industry to become a market leader in the supply of Top Notch Super Basmati Rice, Botanicals & Herbal raw materials, Tree Resins, Himalayan Pink & White Salt, Sea Salt, Pure & Premium Selected Spices, Snacks, Kitchen Ingredients & Fresh, Crispy Nimco.

Zafran Food Industries relationships with affiliated growers and suppliers ensure premium quality products at competitive prices along with exceptional customer service. Over the years, Zafran Food has gained the business and appreciation of firms and industries in its main service areas, and has been a market leader in supplying top notch edible food products.

At Zafran Food Industries, our promise to excellence is incomparable; our commitment to frequently exceed the expectations of partners, clients, suppliers and employees is unwavering. Our management is continually exploring new opportunities and emerging markets, giving each trading partner the particular focus required to build a prosperous relationship.

Zafran Food Industries is an ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, Halal Certified and US FDA registered company. The company has its offices in Australia, Italy, Singapore, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Nigeria and Turkey whereas it has its operations since 2015 in the city of lights ‘Karachi, Pakistan’ with diversification from time to time in product development, research, logistics and accessibility of products and their information for its clients and prospects